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The safe and economical distribution of electrical energy is a constant challenge, that is the reason why a vast majority of electrical applications call for copper - the material with higher electrical conductivity than all metals - except silver- combined with excellent corrosions resistance, strength, ductility and good processability, to mention just a few of the properties that copper and its alloys offer.

Rothkegel GmbH has gained - through many years of experience - a strong position in the international market as supplier of semi-finished products for the transformer industry. Copper is a key component of power transformers used to transfer electricity from power stations to end-users such as the industry, commercial offices and homes.
High conductivity copper and special magnetic steels are used to construct coils and core within the transformer which raises or lowers the power network voltage. The internal connections and external terminations are also fabricated from copper.

Transformer coils are wound from copper conductors, mainly in the form of round wire and rectangular strip. The efficiency of a transformer is crucially dependent on copper purity and the way in which the coils are assembled and packed into it. Coils should be arranged to minimize wasteful induced current. The empty space around and between the conductors also needs to be reduced to as small as possible

The copper wires and strips for transformer manufacturing are produced from wire-rod, a basic semi-fabrication now obtained by high-speed continuous casting and rolling of molten copper. They are insulated with a coating of thermosetting enamel, paper or synthetic materials. It is important that the insulation material is as thin and as efficient as possible to avoid unnecessary waste of space.



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